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My Name is Hannah

Hanna Roth began her profound study of art as a pre-teen, experimenting with painting and photography. Dissatisfaction with the lack of realism in her painting spurred her to switch to photography, but her painting studies made her photographic choices more picturesque.

Expressing herself in art became the only way for her to live. The waves of inspiration washed her to different countries, to photograph herself, great works of nature or humanity that she had only seen in print.

Currently, she is studying journalism and literature, which are a wellspring of material for her photographic ideas.








The music used on the website is Arabesque no. 1, L. 66

The Two Arabesques (Deux arabesques), L. 66, are a pair of piano pieces by Debussy, two of his earliest works, composed between the years 1888-91, while in his twenties. They contain hints of Debussy’s developing musical style, being one of the very early impressionistic pieces of music. This piece is in the key of E. This piece begins with parallelism of triads in first inversion, a composition technique very much used by Debussy and other Impressionists, tracing back to the tradition of fauxbourdon. It leads into a larger section beginning with a left hand arpeggio in E major and a descending right hand E major pentatonic progression.


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